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Changing jobs to Foreign Companies in Japan

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Changing jobs to Foreign Companies in Japan

Changing jobs to Foreign Companies in Japan

The number of foreign companies in Japan are increasing under the influence of globalization of Japanese companies and expanding business into Japan. And it is same with the needs for global resources. According to the investigation by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, it says the number of regular employees were 524 thousand in 2010 and it increased to 624 thousand in 5 years. In addition, 96.2% of foreign companies in Japan said they are going to employ additional stuffs or stay in a present state in that year. We can say most of foreign companies have positive mood for employment.

Foreign companies are more flat in power structure and think ablility is important unlike Japanese companies. Also, they are positive for mid-term hiring so it would be comfortable for those who is not used to Japanese culture or rules. In addition, most foreign companies employ people from various country therefore you can utilize your language skills. People who want to utilize your language skills for work or want to work in global company should change jobs to foreign companies.

But, there is a limit to search foreign comany's information by yourself and it would be difficult to change jobs. So, we highly recommend to use recruitment agency for changing jobs effectively. Recruitment agency provides some services, for example, finding new recruitments, checking application documents, enforcing simulate interviews, adjusting interview dates, negotiating annual income and so on. You can use these services for free anytime.

In this article, we explain some notices with changing jobs to foreign companies and introduce some required abilities. And, we introduce some recruitment agencies which have much of foreign companies employment. Those who want to change jobs to foreign companies, please check this article till the end and get a new job.

It is a Japanese job-change agency based in Japan, the UK, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It has strength in supporting job-change to foreign-affiliated companies and global expanding Japanese companies. After becoming a free membership, a professional career consultant, specialized in each industry and job, fully supports your job-change activity in Japan. The support services include: reviewing your resume and CV, introducing recruiting companies, and teaching about interviews. In addition, the website provides information, such as how to proceed with your job search, how to write a resume, interview strategies, and examples of job changes by industry. It is a recommendable service for foreigners, who are interested in working at a foreign company or a Japanese global company.

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Some notices when foreigners change jobs to foreign companies

Foreign companies are generally attractive for foreigners but there are some cases that the real is different from the ideal and some people repent at changing jobs.To avoid that, you should check the salary, welfare and job description, and think the recruitment really suits one's ability or request.

Salary and welfare

Foreign comapnies tend to pay high salary according as one's work. In other hands, some foreign companies do not provide a housing allowance, qualification allowance or retirement allowance. Also, they sometimes lay off when you can not make any achievement. You have to check welfare and type of employment, not only salary and good conditions.

Extra work and working hours

Most foreign companies employ annual salary system so that they do not pay for extra work generally. Also, some meeting is held conforming with head office therefore some people have to work in days-nights reversal or long hour. You should check the amount of extra work and working hours.

Frequency of using other languages (ex. English, Chinese)

Some people want to change their jobs for utilizing their language skills. But, most foreign companies which expanded to Japan employ Japanese and use Japanese in regular work to communicate with Japanese companies. You should check the frequency of using other language in daily work.

Recommended Recruitment Agency for foreign companies

enworld recruitment agency

They introduce a lot of job offerings from foreign companies and Japanese global companies. Over 150 consultants are enrolled. They provide technical advisor and they support changing jobs for free. One of the most recommended recruitment agency for those who want to change jobs to foreign companies or Japanese global companies. Although business level Japanese is required, you should check if you are confident in Japanese language skills.

Visit the Website (in Japanese)

Samurai Job

Samurai Job is a job-change agency specializing in job offers for elites with an annual income of 7 to 20 million yen. They handle a lot of job offers of not only foreign-affiliated companies but also Japanese global companies and major Japanese companies. They have strengths in supporting the job-change of elite human resources with career; therefore, you can expect that the annual income will increase. After registering for a free membership, you can receive various support (for instance, job selection and advice on job change activities) from a dedicated career consultant. This job-change agency is not only for foreigners aiming to change the job to a foreign-affiliated company but also those who are interested in major Japanese companies. If you wish to work for those companies, it is better to register.

Visit the Website (in Japanese)

Recruit Agent

One of the best recruitment agency in Japan. They have been supported 41thousands of people for changing jobs and provide 10thousands of recruitments. They have much of foreign company's recruitments and Japanese global company's recruitments. You can receive some services like checking English documents or enforcing simulate English interviews by career advisor after free membership registration. If you want to change job to foreign companies, you should register this service.

Visit the Website (in Japanese)

Robert Walters

A recruitment agency which is participated in 28 countries and expanded to Japan in 2000. Robert Walters have advantage of supporting changing jobs to Japanese global companies and foreign companies. They have a lot of recruitments for regular employee, dispatched employee and permatemp. Most of career advisors are foreigner, but there are some Japanese. Generally, all of the recruitments require English skills so they provide some services for checking English documents and enforcing English simulate interview. If you can speak English well and want to change job to foreign companies or Japanese global companies, you should check this recruitment agency.

Visit the Website (in Japanese)

The required abilities for changing jobs for foreign companies in Japan

Communication skills

Communication skills mean, not only high language skills but also understanding people who has different background and build a relationship of trust. So, you will be required to understand other culture, develop a smooth relationship and co-operate on work with high communication skills.


In most of foreign companies, both the role and the goal are clear and separated by one's business. You will be asked for thinking by yourself and acting initiatively unlike Japanese company, which value cooperativity and team.

Language skills

In foreign companies or global companies, English skills are high evaluated, and these days, some recruitments need Chinese skills or Korean skills. Also, some clients are Japanese company so you will be also required Japanese skills. Required language skills are different by company but you have to communicate smoothly.

Recommended Recruitment Agency for foreign companies


One of the largest employment agency in the world. Experienced career counselor will support your changing job in Japan completely. Also, Randstad provides free individual consultation meeting by occupation, career or workplace. They cover various recruitments like leading companies and smaller businesses. You will be supported by checking documents, giving some advices about how to tell the reason of quitting former job and what to be careful about in changing job to foreign company.

Visit the Website (in Japanese)

doda global

Most satisficated recruitment agency in Japan. They have many recruitments of foreign companies and global companies, and some of them require English or Chinese skills. They support you by introducing some recruitments, giving counsel, checking documents and enforcing simulate interviews after free registration. They have much of private recruitments and open recruitments. Sometimes you will be headhunted when you use scout service.

Visit the Website (in Japanese)