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How to Find a Job during a Working Holiday in Japan

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How to Find a Job during a Working Holiday in Japan

How to Find a Job during a Working Holiday in Japan

In recent years, the number of jobs for foreigners has increased due to the increase in foreign tourists, especially in large cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. Above all, the employers of jobs such as restaurants, consumer electronics stores, convenience stores, airports, and tourist information centers actively employ foreigners. The job postings for foreigners are especially increasing in the field of sightseeing jobs such as hotels, inns, and tour guides in local cities and resorts. Therefore, finding a job during a working holiday is not too difficult.

In this article, we explain how foreigners look for a job during a working holiday in Japan; for Japanese beginners and intermediates (or higher level). We select dedicated recruiting websites that handle each language level's job. Although it is difficult to get a job as soon as you arrive in Japan, your Japanese life will be more enjoyable if you get a good job. Let's find a job that makes your limited year in Japan excellent.

How to Find a Job during a Working Holiday in Japan

When foreigners look for a job in Japan, the ways are broadly four methods. Let's find a job in using the following methods.

Part-time Job Recruiting Website

By using a part-time job recruiting website, you can easily search for the latest recruiting information in Japan because you can set the search condition such as job type. You can also apply via the website. After you complete the application, you usually receive an application completion email. The employer will contact you by phone or email sometime soon. If you do not receive any contact within three days (except holidays), you should call the company to check the situation.

Recommended Part-time Job Recruiting Websites for Foreigners

This is a recruiting website that allows you to easily search for part-time job information throughout Japan. As compared to other websites, the job search function is substantial. You can set the searching conditions such as region, route, occupation, day, and time. The free app enables you to search for recruitments around 5km from you as using the function called search from the current location. If you receive a job via Shiftworks, you can apply for recruitment congratulatory money that financially helps your new life in Japan.

Visit Shiftworks (in Japanese)

This website owns a special page that collects foreigners-welcomed jobs: they handle a lot of part-time jobs for foreigners. You can select a language to look through the website from Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. Each job posting prepares a movie to show the working environment and a message from the worker. If you feel anxious about working in Japan, this website is recommendable.

Download Baitoru (iOS/Android)

Recruiting Websites Strong for Short-term Part-time Jobs

You can search for jobs from the desired period, such as within one day, one week, one month, or three months. You can also set the various searching conditions such as welcomed-inexperience, unruled-dressing, the chance of promotion, and so on. There are many useful contents such as a part-time job search manual, how to write and bring a resume, and interview measures.

Visit Baitoru for Short-term (in Japanese)

Part-time Job Information Magazine

Japanese part-time job information magazines are published once or twice a week. They are located at train ticket gates, shopping malls, convenience stores, and supermarkets. They normally provide job information limited to the area, which makes it easier to find a job near your home. However, it is often the case that the employer has already been decided because it may take some time after the information is published.

Japan Working Holiday Community

In the community such as the Japan Association for Working Holiday related bulletin board and Facebook page, there is job information for foreigners coming to Japan for working holidays. Please be sure to check it out!

Job Poster at Store

If the recruiting information is posted at the store, take notes and contact by phone. If no contact information is provided, you can ask the shop clerk directly. We do not recommend to make an unappointed interview without a resume.

Jobs for Foreigners Who Have Japan Working Holiday Visa

There are many job opportunities for working holiday in Japan. You can choose more jobs depends on your Japanese skills. If you have advanced Japanese skills, it is easier to get a job because you can communicate smoothly with Japanese (many Japanese cannot speak other languages). Do not worry if you are a beginner at learning Japanese. There is a choice to find a job that you do not have to use much Japanese. Even if your Japanese level is low, you can show more enthusiasm and greed for the work to increase your job opportunities.

Jobs for Japanese Beginner (JLPT N4, N5)

Warehouse, Factory

Some tasks use physical strength, such as carrying work, and others are light work, such as sorting. There are many simple tasks to be done alone. As long as you figure out about your job, it is easy for foreigners who are beginners of Japanese to work.

Factory Recruiting Website for Foreigners

They list factory job information from all over Japan and handle over 23,000 job postings. There are various jobs from light work such as inspection and sorting to physical work such as carrying and machine assembly. You can find a job with a dormitory, appointment of permanent employees, good-salary-job, and so on. By registering as free membership, you can receive e-mails that contain great job information and jobs that suit your conditions. You can also become a member of Facebook or LINE.

Visit Factory Works (in Japanese)

Washing dishes or cooking at the kitchen of restaurants

Although you need to learn how to prepare, cook, handle tableware at the restaurant, you normally do not communicate with customers. Therefore, advanced Japanese ability is unnecessary. However, your Japanese skills will gradually increase because there are many cases to communicate with the Japanese in the workplace.

Jobs for Japanese Intermediate or higher level (JLPT N1, N2, N3)

Works at a Resort Destination

Most jobs in resort areas such as hotels, inns, and guesthouses provide live-in works. It reduces your worries of finding a living place in an unfamiliar country, Japan. Since you can keep rent and energy expenses low, it is easy to save money. You can make Japanese friends easily because you spend a lot of time with your colleagues. Besides, you can go sightseeing on holidays. Those who would like to experience both sightseeing and work, we highly recommend this type's work.

Recruiting Website at Resort Areas for Foreigners

The salary satisfaction record No.1 among the users of resort area's recruiting website. All the process are free: registration, application and getting support. They post many job information all over Japanese ryokans*1, resort hotels, spas, ski resorts, minshukus*2, amusement parks, farms, and so on. Foreigners can easily search jobs from the special article features foreigners-welcomed works. Skype interview is availabe after you have sent an application. Foreigners with working holiday visa can find a job before they come to Japan.

*1 Ryokan (旅館): It is traditional Japanese inns. The service is Japanese style hospitality. Some ryokans have very long history so provide high-class services.
*2 Minshuku (民宿): It is Japanese style bed and breakfast / guesthouse. It usually locates countryside and family-operated.

Visit (in Japanese)

This is a monthly 50,000 PV recruiting website. It posts job information about resort hotels, ryokans, and ski resorts throughout Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa. They actively accept foreigners who have a working holiday visa. Registration and job introduction services are free. You will receive a confirmation call about working conditions and employment regulations after the registration. Completing all the registration procedures, you receive job introduction services that reflect your wishes. They provide sufficient supports even after you started working.

Visit Alpha Resort (in Japanese)

Service employee

A lot of working holiday-maker in Japan engage in this job. They usually work at restaurants, consumer electronics stores, and convenience stores. Although working styles are different in each place, you need to communicate with customers in all cases. Therefore, the employer emphasizes both service and Japanese honorifics skills. However, the work is not difficult for even non-experienced foreigners to work. Colleagues will teach you how to work for the first time. If the employer accredits you as a full-time employee, there is an opportunity to switch from a working holiday visa to a work visa.