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Part-Time Jobs in Japan for Foreigners

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Part-Time Jobs in Japan for Foreigners

Part-Time Jobs in Japan for Foreigners

People who came to Japan as a foreign student or working holiday, you should try to get part-time jobs. As working, you can earn money, and also can learn the actual Japanese society, which is not taught at school. Also, if you choose a part-time jobs which use Japanese, you can improve your Japanese skills for sure by short term. Through doing a part-time jobs, you can get some chances to communicate with Japanese and experience real "Japanese life". It must be worth your life. If you live in Japan, you should try to get a part-time job.

When you try to find part-time jobs, we recommend you to use websites for foreigners about part-time jobs.

In this article, we explain about limitation for part-time jobs, important point for applying part-time jobs, and some recommended part-time jobs for foreigners etc. Besides, we introduce some websites that have good jobs for foreigners. Please check them and have wonderful days in Japan!

Selected Websites for Foreigners about Part-Time Jobs

This is a part-time job recruiting website which posts a lot of foreigner-friendly jobs. To find these jobs, you should specify the prefecture and select Foreigners Welcomed (外国人の方歓迎) from the job types and characteristics (職種・特徴). When applying for a job, there is no need to sign up for the membership. However, you can receive some rewards by signing up for the free membership. For example, you can obtain congratulatory points up to 40,000 yen by employed with some target recruitments via moppy baito.

Visit the Website (in Japanese)

They have more than 2,000 jobs which welcome foreigners. Also, they have a webpage that feature jobs which welcome and suit foreigners. On that page, you can search jobs on it and it correspods Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean so it is easy to use.

Visit the Website (in Japanese)


Limitation of Foreign Workers in Japan

There are some limitations to get part-time jobs in Japan as a foreigner. At first, those who have the following visa status; "Temporary Visitor (tourism, business, visiting acquaintances, etc.)", "College Student", Cultural Activities", "Trainee", "Dependent", and so on, will be punished for working. However, if your visa status is "College Student" or "Dependent", you can get a part-time job as holding "Permission for part-time job". In other words, you are not allowed to work unless you receive the permission. Those who have "Working Holiday" visa can get part-time jobs as well.

How to Apply the "Permission for part-time job"?

"Permission for part-time job" is a permission that allows you to earn money as doing the activities of your visa suggests. (*NOTICE: when you have a "College Student" visa and work for the educational institution where you belong, you do not need the permission.) You can get the permission at the Regional Immigration Bureau by free. The permitted duration is by the day your visa expired.
If you are a new arrival (not re-entered) with a "College Student" visa and plan to stay over three months, you can apply a "Permission for part-time job" at those airports: Narita International Airport, Tokyo International Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, and Kansai International Airport.

Limitation of the Amount of Working Hours for Foreigners

The "Working Holiday" visa holders are basically allowed to work as you want. If you are "College Student" visa holder, you are allowed to work less than 28 hours in a week. If you work over the permitted hours, you might be punished, such as deportation, imprisonment, penalty charges, etc. In addition, you are not allowed to work at the adult entertainment related business, such as bars, night clubs, pachinkos etc.

Working hours in a week Working hours during long breaks
(summer vacation and winter break)
StudentsA regular student at the university It must be within 28 hours in a week. It must be within 8 hours in a day.
StudentsAn auditing student or a research student at the university It must be within 14 hours in a week. It must be within 8 hours in a day.
StudentsA student at the vacational school It must be within 28 hours in a week. It must be within 8 hours in a day.
Dependent It must be within 28 hours in a week. It must be within 28 hours in a week.
Working Holiday No limitation No limitation

Part-Time Jobs for Foreigners

This chapter introduces examples of part-time job offers for foreigners and the popular jobs within them. When you look for a part-time job, you should read the job description carefully, then find a job which suits you.

Part-Time Jobs for Foreigners
Occupation Hotel staff
Job Description
  • Front desk service such as check-in / check-out
  • Travel guide around the hotel
  • Answering telephone calls
  • Reservation management with PC
Area Tokyo
Wages Hourly wage starts with 1,130 yen *1,413 yen for 22-5 o'clock.
Working Time 8:00 a.m.~8:00 a.m.
  • Shift work
  • Transportation expenses
  • Uniform rental
  • Social Insurance
  • Training system
Applying Conditions
  • Foreigners are welcomed!
  • Works over six months
  • Being friendly and cheerful

*NOTICE: As of March 2021 (contents may have changed).

Visit the Website (in Japanese)

Popular Part-Time Jobs for Foreigners

The Service Industry: Supermarkets, Restaurants, Convenience Stores...

The Service Industry

The service industry is one of the most popular part-time jobs for foreigners. Most workers are students or twenties. You can make friends easily because you have to meet and communicate many people. However, you have to speak polite Japanese because you have to talk to the customers. If you are not confident of treating Japanese, a sales clerk at electronics retail stores is a good select; because they need people who speak other languages, like English or Chinese.
If you work at restaurants, you have to memorize the menu. There are some opportunities to work with Japanese co-workers, so you might pay mind to do it. As working at supermarkets or convenience stores, you do not have to memorize works as much as restaurants. In addition, when they dispose of unsold foods, they might give it to clerks. Therefore, it is one of the ways to save the cost of food; but the rule depends on each store, so you have to make sure of it.

Langugae Teacher(English/Chinese)

Using Your Language

Many Japanese are learning second or third language. Especially, English and Chinese are one of the most popular langage in Japan, therefore it is good choice to teach language as a part-time job. You need some experience and expertise when you teach at school but being a tutor is much easier. Most of websites for foreign language tutor is free to entry, and you can get message from manager of website or a person who wants you to teach language. You can decide the date, time and wages by yourself. You need the ability to explain grammer in Japanese but if the student wants to improve their hearing or speaking skills, you need to be able to pronounce properly.
Language school teacher's wages are high but you need to use your time for preparing class, so it is not laborless job. Also, most of students are company employee man, thus woman should be careful with school place and class time. Some Japanese are interested in Taiwan, most of teaching materials and Chinese tests are using simplified characters, hence Taiwanese should learn simplified characters or pinyin to get part-time jobs.

Part-Time Jobs as Using Your Language (English/Chinese)

Part-Time Jobs as Using Your Language

The number of tourist to Japan is increasing because of the weak yen. At the same time, the job postings for using other languages (not Japanese) also increase. Companies positively would like to hire foreign students and foreigners who have permanent residency. For example, if you are fluent in English, these job postings; an English teacher, a hotel staff at the place where is popular with foreign tourists. If you are fluent in Chinese, there are many chances to work at electronics retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores, etc. If you are fluent in both English and Chinese, you will be highly valued when applying a job posting; the per-hour wages would be higher.

Selected Websites for Foreigners about Part-Time Jobs that use English or Chinese

In addition to job postings, they introduce various useful contents; they explain how to write a job application and go in for interviews, and quiz about Japanese polite language etc. There are many job postings related to using English works. Although there is a few information about other places from areas around Tokyo, it is good to look for a part-time job at these areas; the amount and quality of information are one of the best within those websites.

Visit the Website (in Japanese)

They have a webpage that feature part-time jobs that use Chinese, you can use it to find a good part-time job. When you get a accepted mail, you can demand and get some money from the bottom of Shift Works webpage.

Visit the Website (in Japanese)

Work on Light Duty

About the part-time jobs, you work at warehouses or factories. It is generally considered as it is easy to work because the duty is simple. However, there are many jobs that you require heavy lifting. These works do not need Japanese conversational skills. If you do not mind to work silently, it is a good select.

Short-Term Part-Time Jobs

Short-Term Part-Time Jobs

Short-term part-time jobs are from one day to about three months. The good point is that you can earn money intensely in a short time. Compared to the long-term part-time jobs, it is easier to be hired. You can work when you have time for it. Also, when you need money immediately, it is a good way. This type of work is recommended for people who can manage your schedule, and do not want to spend a lot of time for the part-time job. You can experience many kinds of work, such as handing out tissues on the street; an event staff member about concerts, baseball games, festivals, and so on.

Selected Websites for Foreigners about Short-Term Part-Time Jobs

You can get some money (Maximum 10,000yen) when you accepted a part-time job through Mach Baito (*NOTICE:you need to apply for it). Mach Baito have various short-term part-time jobs, like for one day, for one week, for one month and three months. Also, you can search short-term part-time jobs with some conditions (welcome foreigners, welcome green hand, no resume etc.) so people who wants money instantly should use Mach Baito.

Visit the Website (in Japanese)

Part-Time Jobs at Post Offices during the Year-End and New Year Holidays

Post Offices

There are two kinds of working: "outside duty" and "inside duty". For the outside duty, you mainly deliver the New Year's cards by bike or motorcycle. Therefore, you need physical strength for doing it. By contrast, for the inside duty, you mainly sort the New Year's cards; there is no problem for beginners in Japanese. To get the job, there is a brief interview. Even though the per-hour wages are not high, the traffic fees are provided. Also, if you work at midnight, you will receive the additional wages.
The job posting starts from around October in every year. You receive a contact after you apply at the website of Japan Post. As you can work many days, you will be employed. However, you have to work on the year-end and the new year holidays as well. If you do not mind of it, it will be a precious experience to know the works of the Japanese post office. Let's try it if you do not have any schedules on those days.

How to find part-time jobs in Japan?

A Part-Time Job Magazines

Time Job Magazines

It is published once or twice a week. There are both sold magazine and free ones. If you would like to buy it, you can get at kiosks, convenience stores, bookstores, university cooperatives, and so on. If you would like to get a free one, you can look for it at ticket gates of train stations, shopping malls, large supermarkets, and so on.
The written information is different at each area. There are many job postings about the published location. If you look for a part-time job close to your school or home, this magazine is very useful.

A Website about Part-Time Jobs

These websites frequently update the information. You can look for a part-time job by regions or occupations. You are able to get the recent information about part-time jobs by using these websites very well. Here, we picked up some Japanese part-time job websites for you. If you are looking for a job, please check the following information.

Selected Websites for Foreigners about Part-Time Jobs

This is a part-time job recruiting website which posts a lot of foreigner-friendly jobs as handling approximately 60,000 recruitments all over Japan. It is easy to find recruitment information, which matches your requirements due to everyday updates. Narrowing the information is available to select: area, train rail, occupation, hiring system, and salary. Typing the searching box "外国人" (meaning foreigners), the results show job posts, which welcome foreigners. You do not have to sign up for membership to apply. However, you have to sign up to receive congratulatory points up to 40,000 yen, which present people who are employed with some target recruitments via moppy baito. It will send after the first workday is passed. If you are looking for a part-time job, you should check this website first.

Visit the Website

The best point is that you can receive some money when you get a job. You can search jobs by a condition "foreigners OK"; it is very easy and useful. There are many job postings about restaurants and cell-phone stores.

Visit the Website (in Japanese)

Arbeit EX is a portal website for part-time job recruitment with more than 20 major Japanese part-time jobs recruitment websites such as Mynavi baito, LINE baito, and an. With Arbeit EX, you can search and apply for job information posted on each part-time job recruitment website in a batch. You can easily narrow down part-time jobs by selecting “foreigners”, as well as area, route, and job type. It also handles job information for temporary and regular employees as well as part-time jobs, so it is recommended for foreigners who want to search for jobs efficiently from a wide range of options. Also, you can get congratulatory money up to 50,000 when you are hired via Arbeit EX. To get the money, you have to be a free member of Arbeit EX and apply for a certain job; be careful not all the jobs give you the money. Only Rakuten Bank account is accepted to receive it.

Visit the Website (in Japanese)

They have some community-based reqruitments hence foreigners who wants to work around home or university, should use this website. You can search with area, station and occupations and so on, moreover, they have webpage that feature part-time jobs which use Chinese or English. The detail pages of recruitment are simple.

Visit the Website (in Japanese)

There are some part-time jobs searching functions that other websites does not have, as narrowing with working day, working time, days etc. Some recruitment shows the level of Japanese-Language Proficiency Test for applying qualification therefore foreigners can use websites easily. Also, you can get mail from Shift Works that inform some reqruitment which fits with your conditions with free membership registration. You can get some money when you get a job with applying for it at Shift Works website.

Visit the Website (in Japanese)

The number of job postings is large and the searching method is not difficult. You can save your job application as you sign up for free; you also might be able to receive e-mail from employers about scouting. There is another page for foreigners that post "foreigners OK" jobs. In addition, you can receive e-mails about the newest part-time jobs' information by putting your hopes for jobs.

Visit the Website (in Japanese)

A Bulletin Board at the School

A bulletin board at universities or colledges has job postings that are not on the websites. For example, they might post about a special job for only the students. If you are an international student, you must check the board to get a great information.

  • If you find a job posting on the window of a store, you should call the number on it and ask the details. If it does not tell you any phone number, you may ask the shop clerk; but be careful that they are busy so cannot answer to you.
    The most important thing for foreign students is to study. You should know your lifestyle and consider how much you can work in a week. You might be bored by only studying at the university or college; let's try working as controlling not to affect on your study.

TidbitsThe Points Applying for Part-Time Jobs

1When you call to the employer

  • You should check your schedule and the list of questions before you call.
  • You should avoid the time the store is busy.
  • Please prepare a piece of paper and a pen in order to write down.
  • Be careful of your language; you should try to use the polite language.

2When you write the resume

  • You should use a black ink pen.
  • You are not supposed to use either white-out or double line to correct the mistakes.
  • You should suggest licenses or skills that seem not related to your applying job.

3Items you need for the interview

  • A resume with a photo of you
  • Identification(a residence card, an alien registrasion, a student ID etc.)
  • Writing implements (e.g. a pen)
  • A notepad
  • An inkan/hanko (if the traffic fee is provided)

4Clothes at the Interview

  • You must not wear a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers.
  • You should take off your hat/cap during the interview.
  • You should not wear earrings. If your original hair color is dark, you should not dye your hair light colors, such as blond.