Recommended English Speaking Jobs for Foreigners in Japan

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Recommended English Speaking Jobs for Foreigners in Japan

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Recommended English Speaking Jobs for Foreigners in Japan

Recommended English Speaking Jobs for Foreigners in Japan

Lately, Japanese companies tend to employ the person who can sepak English on a priority basis by the influence of globalization. Especially, trading companies which have many deal with overseas, manufacturers which have positive mood for expanding business to overseas, and foreign companies which have many workers from foreign countries, need more employees who can speak English. Also, under the influence of weak yen, the number of tourists is increasing, therefore tourist industry, hotel industry and service sector need more members who can use English as well.

But, depend on type of jobs, required English level is different. For example, office works done in English needs English reading and writing skills, and international sales need the same level of speaking and listening skills as native. When you apply for the job, you should check what level of English will be required before applying.
Also, most of job recruitments require you to have deep knowledge of industry or occupation, job experience and understanding other cultures. People who is looking for English speaking jobs, should think how your English skill and extra skills will be utilized for next job and that is one of the most important thing to get a job. There is more chances when you understand your good and weak point, and appeal it to interviewer for job.

In this article, we introduce some English speaking jobs, job description and required English level. Also, some recommended recruitment agencies and sites, stuffing companies and temporary worker sites will be introduced. Those who is native English speaker, or looking for work which use English in Japan, please check this article and find your best job!


Type of jobs which use English, job descriptions and criterion of English level

Type of job Job description Level of English
International sales Business negotiation with foreign agencies, joining exhibitions or visiting companies.*May live abroad depends on position. It require making and understanding English business mail or documents, communicating with local staffs in English. Most of internationl sales recruitments require more than 700 score in TOEIC.
Office works done in English Working on importing merchandise from overseas or exporting own product, may take charge of translation or interpretation in negotiation. You have to answer the phone calls or reply mails smoothly in English. Usually it require 600 to 700 score in TOEIC but in case of the work is an assistat, you may can apply with beginner level of English.
English translator or interpreter Translating business documents or contracts, interpreting conference or negotiation, translating guidance for tourists and so on. It require high level of understanding both English and Japanese. You have to understand technical terms and advance a negotiation smoothly.
English speaking sales Sales or show items for tourists. You can apply with more than 500 score in TOEIC because you can talk like daily coversation.

Recommended English Speaking Job for Foreigers *job-change

An Example of Job Change Offer Requires English Skills
Occupation Overseas sales (full-time employee)
Job Description Procurement and sales of products, sales expansion of existing and new companies (with business trips in Japan and overseas)
Area Tokyo
Wages Annual income: 4.8 million to 6.3 million yen
*Determined by age and experience.
  • English business level, Japanese business level (required)
  • 3+ years of trading and sales experience

*As of March 2021 (contents may have changed).

Visit ROBERT WALTERS's Website (in Japanese)

Recommended Recruitment Agency for English speaking jobs

This is a top-class job-change agency that connects multinational companies and global human resources. Therefore, it handles a lot of job offerings from foreign companies and Japanese global companies. They introduce not only full-time employees, but also professional contract employment, project-based employment, and temporary staffing. Over 150 consultants are enrolled: provide advice on resumes and interview preparation. This job-change agency is valuable for foreigners who are looking for foreign-affiliated companies or English jobs. Although business level Japanese is required, it is a worthful job-change support agency to register if you are confident in Japanese language skills.

Visit en world Recruitment Agecy's Website (in Japanese)

One of the best recruitment agency in Japan. They have many job recruitments for Japanese global companies and foreign companies. You can search recruitments by location, type of jobs and industry. Also, you can use career advising service, which they introduce some recruitments which fits your request from pro-career advisor who have deep knowledge in changing jobs. And, you can recieve some services, like advising for interview, regulating interview day and negotiationg qualifications so that you can change job efficient.

Visit Recruit Agent's Website (in Japanese)

A recruitment agency which is participated in 28 countries. They have many job recruitments for Japanese global companies and foreign companies. They provide regular employee, temporary work and permatemp recruitments. Most of recruitments are using English so they can check English resume and support English interview. Those who want to use English in next job or want to change job to foreign companies should check this recruitment agency.

Visit ROBERT・WALTERS's Website (in Japanese)

They have done business with over 30,000 companies as handling many job offers for elites. They have remarkable strengths in job-change for both Japanese global companies and foreign-affiliated companies. The quality of support in job-change activities is well-evaluated. The career consultants, knowing specialized fields, provide a wide range of support from job selection to correction of English resumes. They handle many kinds of job offers: overseas sales, trading companies, service industries, real estate, IT / communications, logistics, semiconductors, accounting, and marketing. This agency is suitable for those who would like to use the English skill, and also wish to work at foreign-affiliated companies of Japanese global companies.

Visit Samurai Job's Website (in Japanese)

Recommended English Speaking Job for Foreigers *temporary work

An Example of Temporary Work Offer Requires English Skills
Occupation Reception at hotel membership spa
Job Description
  • Reception work (check-in, check-out, etc.)
  • Telephone support
  • Customer service
Area Tokyo
Wages Hourly wage 1,800 yen-2,250 yen
Work Style Shift work
Working time 6:00~15:00/13:00~22:00 (8 hours in a day)
Working term Over 3 months
  • English daily conversation skill
  • Being friendly and enjoyable
  • Good communication skill

*As of March 2021 (contents may have changed).

Visit Rikunabi Temporary Work's Website (in Japanese)

Recommended Temporary Work Services for English speaking jobs

One of the biggest temporary work service in Japan. They have many English job recruitments like office work, accounting, translation, interpretation, sales, hotel, trabel and so on. They also have one-time work and short-time work, and you can search recruitments at the website. After free registration, you can get some mails from companies which checked your resume on website.

Visit Hatarako Net's Website (in Japanese)

They provide special page to introduce some jobs which can utilize English skills and you can find good jobs easily. They explain how to choose the temporary work service, basic knowledges about temporary work and registration flow. You can save your resume and qualification after free registration and also can get some mails that introduce some temporary jobs which fits your request.

Visit Rikunabi Temporary Work's Website (in Japanese)

Recommended English Speaking Job for Foreigers *part-time job

An Example of Part-time Job Offer Requires English Skills
Occupation Apparel sales staff
Job Description Sell original leather accessories
Area Tokyo
Wages Hourly wage 1,050-1,200 yen
Working Time 11:00a.m.~9:00p.m. *Shift work
Welfare Transportation expenses paid, uniforms available, full-time employee appointment system, employee discounts available
  • Foreigners welcome!
  • English skills
  • An inexperienced worker is OK
  • Enables to work for over 12 months

*As of March 2021 (contents may have changed).

Visit Mach Baito's Website (in Japanese)

Recommended Temporary Work Services for English speaking jobs

It posts many part-time jobs, which require English skills, for foreigners. Although there is little job information outside the metropolitan area such as Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Chiba, the amount and quality of part-time job information is one of the best ones. If you register as a free member, you can save your resume and receive the latest information by e-mail.

Visit fromAnavi's Website (in Japanese)

Mach Baito's best thing is, you can get 10,000yen when you get part-time job through Mach Baito and finish first day of work. They provide special page to introduce some part-time jobs which use English and you can narrow search results by searching word "外国人(Gaikokujin, which means foreigner)".

Visit Mach Baito's Website (in Japanese)