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About This Website

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This website, JAPAN Working Holiday & Study Abroad, provides various information to support all foreigners living in Japan.

The reasons why you live in Japan are all different: working holiday, study abroad, work, marry, and so on. Generally speaking, living in Japan is not so hard: safe and peace. However, cultures and customs are not the same as your home country. Therefore, you might feel uncomfortable and inconvenience, especially, you come to Japan for the first time.

We wanted to support those people who are challenging to live in Japan, and then this website, JAPAN Working Holiday & Study Abroad, was born. In the beginning, the information here was mostly about working holidays and study abroad in Japan. Now, this website has run for over ten years, and the contents have grown more and more. There is also information about working (part-time job and job recruitment), searching for a living place, purchasing a SIM/smartphone, opening a bank account, tourism in Japan, and so on.

For not only foreigners already living in Japan, but also planning to live in Japan, please use this website to know about Japanese life.

If you understand the unique Japanese culture and lifestyle, your Japanese life will be more fun and delightful.

Let's make precious memories spending a wonderful time in Japan.

*If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please let us know from the link, Contact Us. We sincerely appreciate your opinions and attempt to improve our website.