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Learn Japanese with Drama: Which is Good?

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Learn Japanese with Drama: Which is Good?

Learn Japanese with Drama: Which is Good?

Have you ever watched a Japanese TV drama? Using them to learn Japanese is beneficial to acquire natural expressions. You can learn Japanese daily conversations, such as talking with friends, discussions at the workplace, attracting a man/woman, and so on through watching dramas. You are certainly able to learn it by watching Japanese movies. However, making a habit of watching a movie is not easy because it is too long (it normally takes two hours). Compare to movies, a Japanese TV drama is easier to bring in your daily life because it takes approximately 40 minutes to an hour. Even if you watch it every day, it is not stressful, so that it is a good way to study Japanese.

However, you cannot get an effect immediately by learning with drama. Compared to other study methods, you need continuity. It is important to continue for several months to a year without giving up. As continuing, your Japanese vocabulary increases so that the listening comprehension will improve as well.

On this page, our non-Japanese staff introduces how to learn Japanese with drama. What is the most efficient study method? What are the important points of learning? We will answer your questions. Moreover, we introduce subscription video on demand (SVOD), which includes Japanese drama, movies, and animes. If you are learning Japanese and would like to improve your listening skill, please refer to this article.


How to Select a Japanese Drama for Learning

You may have no idea which Japanese drama you should watch at first because there are various types of stories. In this case, we recommend watching comedy-dramas because the stories are simple and also entertaining. You may be able to continue for a long time without getting bored. If you are not interested in comedy at all, you should choose your favorite genre's drama.

Select a drama you are interested or entertained

It is important to select an enjoyable drama, especially beginners and intermediates because you have to watch it repeatedly. Watching uninterested drama repeat and repeat is boring. Eventually, it decreases your motivation for studying Japanese.

Select a drama reflects everyday life

A drama that reflects daily life is good for learning Japanese. Even though historical, medical, and legal dramas are highly entertaining, they are not for Japanese beginners because those dramas include ancient terms, which none of modern Japanese use, or difficult technical terms. Following drama titles: "The Japanese The Japanese Don't Know (Nihonjin no shiranai Nihongo)", "Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu", and "Overprotected Kahoko (Kahogo no Kahoko)", are suitable to learn Japanese. If your Japanese level is higher than intermediate, we recommend you try to watch "Haken no Hinkaku", "The Concierge (Hotel Concierge"), and "Attention Please" whose dramas set in the Japanese workplace. As enjoying watching drama, you can also study the culture of Japanese business, and the way of using polite language (keigo).

Avoid drama using mainly dialect

Although the lines in Japanese dramas are mostly standard Japanese, they speak in dialects when the drama set in a rural area. The dramas with many Kansai accents or other dialects are not suitable for studying Japanese. For example, "Amachan", "Carnation", and "Yae no Sakura" are popular dramas, but you should avoid them due to dialects.

Steps & Points to Study Japanese with Drama

The commonly Japanese drama has about 10 episodes. You do not have to watch all the episodes repeatedly. You can gain a sufficient leaning effect by watching only your favorite scene or episode. If you do not have enough time to watch a series drama, we recommend a drama that complete one episode. When learning Japanese with Japanese drama, please refer to the following steps below.


Enjoy the drama with Japanese subtitles to understand the story and lines.


As watching Japanese subtitles, check the words and expressions. If you find a word or expression you cannot understand, stop the video and write it down immediately.


Look up the definition of words and expressions you have written down. After you understand it, watch the drama again with Japanese subtitles. Make sure how the characters use those words/expressions in the conversations.


Choose a character with the same gender. Speak as overlapping the character's line.


Watch the drama as listening to the lines without subtitles.

Japanese beginner

For Japanese beginners, it is important to get used to the intonation and the speaking speed of the Japanese natives. Japanese beginners without having basic Japanese knowledge cannot gain sufficient learning effects unless there use subtitles. It is because they recognize Japanese as only sounds. If you cannot catch Japanese, you should watch it with Japanese subtitles. If it is still difficult, you should try to watch animes or programs for kids, such as "Doraemon", and "Chibi Maruko-chan".

We also recommend watching a drama in your first language with Japanese subtitles. You do not take the time to understand the conversation and story because they speak in your mother tongue. You can efficiently learn Japanese expressions with Japanese subtitles.

Japanese imtermediate learners

For Japanese intermediate skills, it is important to catch a short sentence thoroughly. If there is a line you cannot catch at all, go backward, and confirm each word. It is difficult to listen to all the words at once, so you should attempt to catch 30 to 50 percent of the sentence.

Japanese advanced learners

For advanced Japanese learners, we recommend watching a drama without subtitles. As displaying the subtitles, you might rely on it and read it, so you cannot practice listening skills. Let's acquire the natural expression by checking not only the vocabularies you do not know but also listening sounds and nuance of the end of the sentence.

Recommended SVODs for Japanese Learner

This SVOD is strong in both Japanese and overseas TV dramas. The monthly fee is 1,026 yen (tax included), and you can watch more than 70,000 videos without any additional charges. In addition to popular Japanese dramas, they provide the latest episode. Moreover, they provide Japanese popular animes, such as Gintama, NARUTO, and Pokémon, Chinese, Korean, American, and European dramas. You can save favorite videos to 'My List', so it is good to make a list for learning Japanese. The service is available with PC, smartphone, and tablet. There is a free trial for two weeks. If you live in Japan, you should consider using it.

Suitable dramas to learn Japanese
  • Japanese beginner
  • "Police In A Pod" (2021), "#RemoteLove" (2020), "The Japanese The Japanese Don't Know (Nihonjin no shiranai Nihongo)" (2010), "I shared my husband" (2019), "Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom" (2019), "Way too Kawaii" (2018), "Caution, Hazardous Wife" (2017), "We're Millennials Got a Problem?" (2016), "Hotaru no Hikari: It's Only A Little Light In My Life" (2007), "Rookies" (2008), and "Homeless Child" (1994)
  • Japenese intermediate + advanced
  • "The Way of the Househusband" (2020), "Off the Record" (2020), "If Talking Paid" (2019), "No Side Manager" (2019), "Your Turn to Kill" (2019), "Pretty Proofreader" (2019), "Your Home is My Business" (2016), "Tamiou" (2015), "Sleepeeer Hit" (2016), and "The Pride of the Temp" (2007)

Hulu FREE Trial for 2 Weeks

This is a SVOD service jointly funded by TBS, TV Tokyo, WOWOW, and others. The number of Japanese dramas delivered is the largest among the video-on-demand services. Not only the popular dramas of TBS and TV TOKYO are missed, but also the dramas with a high audience rating and the original dramas that can only be seen on Paravi. The usage fee is free for the first two weeks, and after the third week, it costs 1,017 yen (tax included) if you contract the Paravi Basic Plan, which you can watch dramas, movies, anime, variety programs, economic programs, live broadcasts (live distribution), and so on. Be careful that it takes 1,050 yen (tax included) if you pay for iTunes Store. Other than that, rental video costs separately, but you can receive one rental ticket every month if you contract for the Paravi Basic Plan. Using the ticket, you can watch movies and dramas that usually take an additional cost. Even in the free period, you can cancel the contract at any time without a cancellation fee. You can register as a member via your email address, Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo! JAPAN ID. You can easily enjoy HD-quality videos on multiple devices, such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, and TVs so let's try to use this service if you live in Japan.

Suitable dramas to learn Japanese
  • Japanese beginner
  • "#bemyfamily" (2021), "Why I Dress Up For Love" (2021), "Mothers in Love" (2020), "Love will begin when Money ends" (2020), "Love Lasts Forever" (2020), "You, Me, and Bach" (2019), "Nagi's Long Vacation" (2019), "A Story To Read On The Day You've Fell In Love" (2019), "Stepmom and Daughter Blues" (2018), "The Full-Time Wife Escapist" (2016), and "It's Not That I Can't Marry I Don't Marry" (2016)
  • Japenese intermediate + advanced
  • "Dragon Sakura S2" (2021), "Heaven and Hell: Soul Exchange" (2021), "MIU404" (2020), "Ship of Theseus" (2020), "La Grande Maison Tokyo" (2019), "I Will Not Work Overtime, Period" (2019), "In Hand" (2019), "The Good Wife" (2019), "Unnatural" (2018), "Reverse" (2018), "Rikuoh" (2017), "Testimony of N" (2014), and "Ferris Wheel at Night" (2013)

Paravi FREE Trial for 2 Weeks

The amount of content such as Japanese dramas, TV programs, movies, and animes is overwhelmingly large. In addition to PCs, smartphones, and tablets, you can watch videos on TVs produced by Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, Hitachi, and LG. Even if you change the viewing device, you can easily play the remained part, so you can efficiently use the travel time to study Japanese. They contain not only Japanese dramas but also popular Japanese anime such as One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Slam Dunk. The monthly fee is 2,189 yen (tax included), and you can watch as many videos as you want, in addition to magazines, comics, and e-books. By paying an additional fee, you can also watch popular movies such as Star Wars and Shin Godzilla for rent. Currently, U-NEXT holds a limited campaign now; you can watch most videos, and magazines for 31 days without paying, and also receive 600 yen points. Please check this service if you want to study Japanese with dramas.
*You can use the points for the not-free videos.

Suitable dramas to learn Japanese
  • Japanese beginner
  • "Anokiss" (2021), "Nizi Village Clinic" (2021), "Middle-Aged Man Loves Cute Things" (2020), "Ossan's Love" (2018), "Don't Forget Me" (2018), "Boys Over Flowers Season 2" (2018), "Overprotected Kahoko" (2017), "99 days with the Superstar" (2011), "Nodame Cantabile" (2006), "Please Love Me!" (2016), and "Orange Days" (2004)
  • Japenese intermediate + advanced
  • "Seven Secretaries" (2020), "Police and Prosecutor" (2020), "Digital Tattoo" (2019), "Wheel of Fortune" (2018), "Queen of the Classroom" (2005), "Jin" (2009), "I'm Mita, Your Housekeeper" (2011), "Doctor-X" (2012), "Emergency Interrogation Room" (2014), "Downtown Rocket" (2015), "The Concierge" (2015)

U-NEXT FREE Trial for 31 Days

Japan's leading TV station FUJI TV provides this SVOD service. In addition to TV dramas, variety shows, animes, and movies, they also provide original programs, live performances, and live sports broadcasts. They provide both past popular TV dramas and the latest missed episodes, which are now on air. If you become a premium member, which costs 977 yen (tax included) per month, you can also read magazines and mangas unlimitedly. The premium membership enables to purchase e-books. FDO is worth considering for foreigners who are thinking about continuous Japanese language learning at a reasonable price. You can register as a member via your Amazon account, Rakuten ID, Yahoo! JAPAN ID, Docomo ID, au ID, or SoftBank ID, and you can also use it from your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Not only those who want to enjoy Japanese Fuji TV dramas and animes but also foreigners who want to study Japanese with Japanese TV dramas should check it out.

Suitable dramas to learn Japanese
  • Japanese beginner
  • "Familiar Wife" (2021), "Our Sister's Soulmate" (2020), "Miracles" (2018), "Residential Complex" (2018), "Rich Man, Poor Woman" (2012), "Last Cinderella" (2013), "GTO" (1998), "Waterboys" (2003), "Let Me Call You Father-In-Law" (2016), "Chibi Maruko-Chan" (2007)
  • Japenese intermediate + advanced
  • "Night Doctor" (2021), "Kyojo II" (2021), "Asagao: Forensic Doctor" (2019), "Radiation House" (2019), "Code Blue" series, "SUITS" (2018), "The Confidence Mand JP" (2018), "Detective Yugami" (2017), "Iryu" series, "Unfair" (2006), "Galileo" (2007), "Leave It to the Nurse" series, "Top Caster" (2006), "The Great White Tower" (2003)

FOD FREE Trial for 2 Weeks (via Amazon Pay)

They provide various special contents such as exclusive streaming videos, and original works. They delivery Japanese dramas, movies, animes, and variety shows, in addition to the West dramas, Asian dramas, cartoons, kids' movies, and so on. It is good for beginners because you can study Japanese as watching content for children. If you register to the member of Amazon Prime, (4,900 yen per year / about 408 yen per month) you can use Amazon Prime Video without extra cost. This service supports to download videos. Therefore, you can watch them anywhere and anytime without connecting the Internet. In addition to the video, Amazon Prime members can enjoy various contents such as unlimited listening to music and free Amazon shipping, so this is one of the services that foreigners who often shop at Amazon.

Suitable dramas to learn Japanese
  • Japanese beginner
  • The Full-Time Wife Escapist (2016), "Suzuki Sensei" (2011), "Tokyo Tarareba Girls" (2017), "Grade A Reversal" (2017), "My Relentless Wife" (2005), "He Who Can't Marry" (2006), "At Home Dad" (2004), and "Good Life ~Arigatou, Papa. Sayonara~" (2011)
  • Japenese intermediate + advanced
  • Unnatural (2018), "Signal" (2018), "99.9 Criminal Lawyer" (2016), "SPEC: Birth" (2010), and "My Dangerous Wife" (2016)

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