How to contract LINEMO and checklist for identification

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How to contract LINEMO and checklist for identification

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LINEMO; a SIM card that non-Japanese can contract! How to do and verify your identity

LINEMO; a SIM card that non-Japanese can contract! How to do and verify your identity

LINEMO is a low-cost SIM card provided by SoftBank. The main feature is that you can use the same high-speed communication as SoftBank for only 990 yen per month (tax included). It is recommendable for those who stay in Japan for more than several months to study or work. Moreover, it is the best choice if you are trying to save communication costs or desiring to use iPhone with low-cost SIM cards.

LINEMO provides two price plans: Mini Plan (3GB for 990 yen per month) and Smartphone Plan (20GB for 2,728 yen per month). All plans include the LINE Gigafree service, allowing unlimited communications with the LINE app. However, note that the service does not cover using location sharing, LINE LIVE, the Stamp Shop, and reading news articles. Moreover, LINEMO provides LINE Stamp Premium, which offers unlimited use of over 9 million LINE stamps and pictograms. It supports ID search and age verification of LINE. If you often use LINE, this service must be attractive and valuable.

LINEMO is currently running a special offer of getting a PayPay bonus worth up to 10,000 yen as making a new contract or switching from another company, except SoftBank and Y!mobile. In addition, the 5-minute unlimited calling option is free for one year after signing up. If you contract Smartphone Plan and sign up for LINE Stamp Premium, you will receive 240 LINE points every month. The registered areas must be Japan, Taiwan, or Indonesia.

This article provides an easy-to-understand explanation of how to sign up for LINEMO. It informs the required documents, the flow, and the checklist. There are also features, price plans, special offers information, and cancellation method. As you select and enter the required information along with the flow of signing up on this article, you can contract LINEMO immediately. It is easy to submit identification documents because the screening process is completed online by uploading the image.

Let's contract LINEMO if you are considering a new SIM card or switching the company. Please refer to this article to confirm the contracting method, and complete all the processes online.

LINEMO; non-Japanese also can contract the SIM

The price plan of LINEMO is unique that it does not count for the communication data amount of chat and voice calls via the LINE app. There are two price plans: Mini Plan and Smartphone Plan. Mini Plan provides 3GB of communication data capacity, and the monthly fee is 990 yen. It is recommendable for those who attempt to reduce cost but frequently use calls and talk on LINE. On the other hand, Smartphone Plan provides 20GB of high-speed data capacity. Therefore, it is recommendable for those who often watch videos with their smartphones. Even though you use up to 20GB, you can still use it at a maximum of 1Mbps. You can send and receive text messages and e-mails, browse Twitter, and watch low-quality Youtube as usual with 1Mbps. In addition to the above services, there are two monthly voice call options. Calling Semi-Flat-Rate option takes 550 yen/month for unlimited domestic calls within 5 minutes. Calling Flat-Rate option is 1,650 yen/month for free for all domestic calls.

Although most Japanese low-cost SIM cards require a credit card issued in Japan, LINEMO supports bank account transfers in addition to credit cards. Therefore, LINEMO enables contracts with people who do not hold Japanese credit cards.

Price Plan Data Amount Monthly Fee
Mini Plan 3GB ¥990
Smartphone Plan 20GB ¥2,728

Visit LINEMO (in English)


Documents required for non-Japanese to sign up for LINEMO

  • Identification documents
    A valid residence card with a registered address and a foreign passport. (*Foreigners with permanent resident status can submit a residence card or special permanent resident certificate.)
    *If the name and address on the ID differ from the information you entered when signing the contract, you will need to submit supporting documents (*1).
    *Submission is not required if you transfer from SoftBank or Y!mobile.
  • Japanese credit card or Japanese bank account number in your name
    A Japanese credit card or Japanese bank account number in your name is required.
  • The immediate confirmable email address
    You will need an email address that you can easily verify your identities, such as Yahoo or Gmail.
  • MNP reservation number (*for transferring from another company)
    If you wish to use your current phone number with LINEMO, you should obtain an MNP reservation number. At first, you contact your present mobile phone company and complete the MNP transfer procedure. Once you switch to LINEMO, your current mobile phone company will automatically terminate your contract. If you transfer from SoftBank or Y!mobile, you do not need any MNP reservation number.
  • Supporting documents
    Utility bill receipts:The receipts are for electricity, city gas, and water issued within three months and include the address. (*Propane gas receipts are not eligible.)
    Residence record:It is issued within three months, with your address but not your ID. If ID or gender is visible, you must upload it again; otherwise, your application might be canceled.

How non-Japanese sign up for LINEMO

You can sign up for LINEMO on the official website without visiting any stores. We explain the process here.

STEP1Visit LINEMO official website

Visit the official website (in English) and click "今すぐ申し込む (Apply Now)."


If you plan to obtain a new phone number, select "新しい電話番号で契約する (contract with new phone number)" and a SIM card for your smartphone.


Select the operating system of the device that you will use.


After checking "お申し込み前に準備してください (prepare before signing up)" and "利用開始までの流れ (steps to start using)," click "サービス選択に進む (go select the service)" on the bottom.

STEP2Select price plan and option services

Please select a price plan and a voice call option (if needed), then click "お客さま情報の入力に進む (go enter your information)."


STEP3Enter your(user) information

Enter your personal information such as nationality, name, gender, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number, and address*1.

To verify your e-mail address, click "ワンタイムパスワードを受け取る (receive a one-time password)" after entering a contactable one. LINEMO will send "ワンタイムパスワードのお知らせ (one-time password notification)" to the e-mail address. Enter the notified password. When "認証済み (verified)" is displayed on the screen, it is completed.


If you cannot complete it, click "ワンタイムパスワードを再発行する (reissue the one-time password)" and go through the procedure again.

Select "自分で利用する (use by myself)" for the user. If another person uses LINEMO, select "家族が利用する (used by family members)" and enter the user's personal information.

*1:When non-Japanese sign up for LINEMO, the address on the residence record and the user information must match. Otherwise, you cannot make a contract. Additionally, foreigners who have a middle name should remember to include it when filling out forms.

× Bad example
Residence record: 2-1-1-201, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
〇 Good example
Residence record: 2-1-1-201, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
user's address: 2-1-1-201, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

STEP4Payment method

Please select your preferred payment method from "クレジットカードで支払う (credit card)" or "口座振替で支払う (account transfer)" and then enter the information.


After registering the payment method, click "本人確認書類をアップロードする (upload ID document)" at the bottom.

STEP5Upload identification documents

Please select the type of resident status: "永住権あり (with permanent residence)" or "永住権なし (without permanent residence)." Enter the expired date, and upload the images of your identification document*2, such as your passport and residence card.


After uploading the image, please confirm the information you entered matches the uploading one. If the address does not match, select "氏名または住所のいずれかが異なります (either the name or address is different)" and upload the supporting documents, such as a certificate of residence or utility bill receipt.

Click "申込内容の確認に進む (go check the entered information)" at the bottom.

  • *2-1: Upload both the front and back images of your residence card even though it is blank.
  • *2-2: If the face photo is unclear due to darkened, masked, or shows reflections of light, it is not acceptable.

STEP6Confirm the application details

Please check your price plan, user information, payment method, etc. If you want to change it, click "戻る (back)" to do. If there are no problems, click "重要事項の確認に進む (go to confirmation of important statement)."

STEP7Confirmation of important statement

Read the contents of the significant statement in the contract. If there are no problems, check the "重要説明事項を確認しました (confirmed)" checkbox.

In addition, review and check "通信の秘密等に関する同意事項 (Agreement on Confidentiality of Communications)," "ご契約書類の確認 (Confirmation of Contract Documents)," and "最終確認 (Final Confirmation)." Click "上記に同意の上申し込みを確定する (agree above statements and sign up)" at the bottom.

STEP8Application Completed

You will receive the e-mail "お申し込み完了のお知らせ (notify application completed)." in about 1-2 hours after completing the application.
If there are problems, you will receive the e-mail "お申し込み内容のご確認 (confirm the applied information)." You can correct the information from the URL on the e-mail.

STEP9LINEMO SIM card arrives

After the screening, the contracted SIM card will arrive at your home.

Price plans and special offer information

Price Plan
  • Mini Plan (3GB and unlimited use of LINE): ¥990
  • Smartphone Plan (20GB and unlimited use of LINE): ¥2,728
Initial cost ¥0
Minimum usage period None
Cancellation Fee Free
Carry-over of extra data Impossible
Purchase a low-cost device Impossible
Option services
  • Additional data: ¥550 per GB
  • Calling Semi-Flat-Rate: ¥550/month
  • Calling Flat-Rate: ¥1,650/month
  • Carry-in device warranty with AppleCare Services: ¥950~/month
  • International calls: free of charge
Special offer
  • During the LINEMO Best Plan Announcement promotion period, new users who apply for the "Mini Plan" or existing users who are already using the "Mini Plan" ( *must apply separately to participate in the promotion) can use 10GB per month for 990 yen for three months starting from the month following the activation date (or promotion participation application date). ( *The promotion is available until the Mini Plan application deadline. After the discount period ends, the plan will automatically switch to the LINEMO Best Plan.)
  • By subscribing to the "Mini Plan", you can receive up to 5,940 yen worth of PayPay points. (※Switching from SoftBank, Y!Mobile, or LINE Mobile is not eligible for this offer).
    * Note: If you incorrectly select your "current mobile phone carrier (現在ご利用中の携帯電話会社) " when applying, you may become ineligible for this offer.
  • By switching from another carrier to the "Smartphone Plan", you can get 15,000 yen worth of PayPay points. (※Switching from SoftBank, Y!Mobile, or LINE Mobile is not eligible for this offer). Additionally, by signing up for a new contract for the "Smartphone Plan," you can get 6,000 yen worth of PayPay points.
    * Note: If you incorrectly select your "current mobile phone carrier (現在ご利用中の携帯電話会社) " when applying, you may become ineligible for this offer.
  • By switching from another carrier to the "Smartphone Plan," you can receive PayPay points worth 6,000 yen. Additionally, by switching from another carrier to the "Mini Plan," you can receive PayPay points worth 4,000 yen. (*Until July 29, 2024)
    * Note1: You must apply through the promotion page.
    * Note2: Those who have previously contracted with LINEMO are also eligible!
  • Upon subscribing to LINEMO, the optional "Free Domestic Calls Under 5 Minutes" plan, priced at 550 yen/month, is offered free for 7 months.
  • Upon subscribing to LINEMO, the "Unlimited Domestic Calls" option, which allows unlimited calls within Japan at 1,650 yen/month, is available at a discounted rate of 1,100 yen/month for 7 months.
  • NOTICE: the information is based on July. 2024, the details may be changed.
  • Please check the detailed information on the LINEMO official website.

Visit LINEMO (in English)

NOTESmartphones that can use LINEMO

Although both iPhone and Android can use LINEMO, check the devices listed on the official LINEMO website for operation check before you cancel your current contracting company.

Visit the page to see LINEMO's operation-checked devices.(in Japanese)

NOTELINEMO cancellation procedure

You log in to LINEMO's My Menu to complete the cancellation procedure. You do not need to return the SIM card; you can destroy it yourself. You may not be able to cancel from overseas, so you'd better complete it before returning to your home country. Note that LINEMO does not prorate the monthly fee even though you cancel in the middle of the month.