Japan LINE MOBILE Contract Method and Point of Identify Verification for Foreigners

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Japan LINE MOBILE Contract Method and Point of Identify Verification

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Japan LINE MOBILE Contract Method and Point of Identify Verification

Japan LINE MOBILE Contract Method and Point of Identify Verification

    The new contract has been discontinued on 31st, March

If you want to make a mobile phone contract in Japan, but you are wondering where to go, LINE MOBILE is one of the most recommended. LINE MOBILE is a communication service of cheap SIM and smartphone provided by communication app "LINE". Registration is completed online, so even foreigners who are not good at speaking Japanese can easily contract with it. In addition, identify verification procedure is done by uploading photos of residence card and supporting documents. It is possible to contract immediately without visiting a store.

We recommend LINE MOBILE's data + SMS plan or data + SMS + voice-call plan because those plans do not set a minimum contract period. In the case of data + SMS + voice-call plan, you can cancell anytime as paying the cancellation fee of 1,000 yen, unlike major telecommunications carrirs: SoftBank, au, NTT docomo. It does not renew the contract automatically. You can save on comunication charges by subscribing to LINE MOBILE.

This feature article focuses on LINE Mobile, which allows foreigners to contract. It explains how to contract, the point of identify verification, documents required when making a contract, and the flow of the contract. In addition, we will introduce features, price plans, campaign information, and cancellation methods. If you are considering to contract a Japanese SIM card or mobile phone, this article will help your contract goes smoothly.

LINE MOBILE that Foreigners Can Contract

LINE MOBILEThe new contract has been discontinued on 31st, March

LINE MOBILE can be used anywhere in Japan as it uses the communication line of NTT DoCoMo, the largest telecommunications carrier in Japan. The biggest benefit is that you can use LINE, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter without data limitation. The price plan is available from ¥ 660 a month that is the most reasonable plan called a data communication plan. There is no restriction on the contract period so it is especially recommended for foreigners.
Most common Japanese cheap SIMs and cheap smartphones are required to register for a credit card issued in Japan when making a contract. However, LINE MOBILE is available not only a credit card but also LINE Pay and LINE Pay cards. Therefore, even foreigners who do not have a credit card issued in Japan can contract.

Price plan Communication data capacity
LINE Data Free Plan (LINE is unlimited) 500MB、3GB、6GB、12GB
SNS Data Free Plan (LINE, Twitter, Facebook are unlimited) 3GB、6GB、12GB
SNS Music Data Free Plan (LINE MUSIC, LINE, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are unlimited) 3GB、6GB、12GB

Visit LINE MOBILE (in Japanese)


What foreigners need to contract with LINE MOBILE

  • Identification documents
    Residence card with an address within the expiration date, special permanent resident certificate
  • Supporting documents *When you use the special permanent resident certificate as identity verification documents, you do not have to present the supporting documents.
    Utility Bill Receipt: This is a receipt of electricity, city gas, and water supply in which the address is described within 3 months from the date of issuance, and the identity verification documents and the name match. (*Receipt of propane gas is not applicable. )
    Resident's card: Within 3 months from the date of issue, the address is listed and my number is not printed. (*When my number is printed, it is not applicable. )
  • Credit card or LINE Pay card in the name of the contractor, LINE Pay
    Debit cards can not be used.
  • Contactable email address
    You need an email address, such as Yahoo or Gmail, that you can contact.
  • MNP reservation number (*in the case of transfer from another company)
    Foreigners who want to use other companies' mobile phone numbers continuously need to go through the MNP transfer procedure. When making a contract with LINE MOBILE, the MNP reservation number will be necessary. Those who make a new contract with LINE MOBILE do not need an MNP reservation number.

How foreigners subscribe to LINE MOBILE

LINE MOBILE can easily be contracted online from the website. Here we will explain the flow of foreigners signing up for LINE MOBILE.


Go to the LINE MOBILE website and click "申し込む (Apply)" on the upper right.


Confirm "お申し込み前に必ずお読みください (Confirmation before applying)" and click "上記に同意して申し込む (Agree on the above items and apply)" at the bottom of the page.

STEP2Select Price Plan

Please select the data free option and the data amount.


Please select the line from SoftBank, docomo, or au.

Please select the SIM type and the calling option. Also, please select whether you buy a terminal or not (only SIM). If you buy a phone, you should select the left card, described "端末を購入する". If you buy only SIM, you select the right one.


Please select your smartphone OS (iPhone / Android and others). After you have selected your SIM size*1, select the option service that you would like to add. As you have finished selecting, you click the button at the bottom of the page, described "オプション選択へ".

Again, you select the options if you wish and click "手続き内容の選択へ" at the bottom of the page.


*1: There are two types of SIM: nano-SIM (small one), and micro-SIM (middle one). You can check your SIM type referring to the list of operation-confirmed terminals on the LINE MOBILE's online support page. After you make sure the SIM size of your phone, you finally contract. If you would like to change your SIM type after completing the application, you have to pay for the fee.

STEP3Select Application Details

If you would like to obtain a new phone number, please select "新規番号での申し込み", and click "契約者情報の入力へ".
(*Those who would not like to change the phone number that is from another company, select "他社からの乗り換え(MNP転入)". Please fill out "MNP予約番号 (MNP reservation number)", "MNP予約番号の有効期限 (the expired date of MNP reservation number", and "MNP転入する電話番号 (the phone number you transfer)". After completing the form entry, you click "契約者情報の入力へ" at the bottom of the page.


* If you have any campaign code, please enter. If you have bought the entry package, please check "エントリーパッケージの利用".

STEP4Enter Personal Information

Please enter the contractant information: name, sex, birthday, address, phone number, e-mail address, and so on.*2
After filling out the form, select "契約者が利用する".
* If the contractant and the user is different, please select "契約者と利用者が異なる".


*2: Please note that the contractant's entered name and address must be the same as described on the residence card. If they do not match, you cannot contract.
Residence card: 東京都港区1-1-1-101 、Input address: 東京都港区1-1-1-101号室 (X)
Residence card: 東京都港区1-1-1-101 、Input address: 東京都港区1-1-1-101 (O)

You can choose how to receive the contractual documents the following types: electronically (displayed on the web) or written (mailed). Electronic grant (web view) is useful because you can check the status anytime from the online My Page.
If you would like to choose the electronic one, choose "電子交付(ウェブ表示)", and the mailed one is "書面交付(郵送)".

Confirm the terms and conditions, check "上記のすべての規約に同意する", and click "メールを送信する".


After a while, you receive an e-mail from LINE MOBILE.


Confirm the e-mail, access to the "本人確認書類アップロードURL (identification document upload URL)", and go to the "本人確認書類の送信 (send identification document)" screen.


STEP5Identity Verification Procedure

At the accessed page, select the document you will send, and upload the image taken with the scanner or camera.
Check the information entered in STEP 3 and the information (name, address, date of birth) of the identification document is the same, and click "進む (Forward)" at the bottom of the page.

*Please upload the image on the reverse side of the residence card regardless of the description.
*Please enter the same name with the residence card.
*If your face cannot be recognized correctly due to the darkening of the face, masking, reflection of light, etc, the document would not be accepted.

STEP6Select Payment Method

Select your preferred payment method from "Credit Card", "LINE Pay Card", or "LINE Pay", and click "次へ進む (Continue)". For foreigners who do not have a credit card issued in Japan, please select "LINE Pay Card" or "LINE Pay".


STEP7Login ID / Password Setting

Set your My Page login ID and password, and click "登録して最終確認へ進む (Register and proceed to final confirmation)".


STEP8Final Confirmation

Please confirm the plan, payment method, login ID and so on. If you want to change, you can change the registered contents from "Edit" of each item.

Click "Apply" at the bottom of the page to complete the contract procedure.
At a later date, you will be notified the examination results by email.


It will be delivered in 3 days.

Japan LINE MOBILE Price Plans, Campaign Information, and Notes

LINE MOBILEThe new contract has been discontinued on 31st, March

Smartphone terminal price ¥13,800 - ¥39,800 (*only one-time payment)
Data + SMS rate plan
  • LINE Data Free Plan(500MB):¥660
  • LINE Data Free Plan(3GB):¥1,078
  • LINE Data Free Plan(6GB):¥1,870
  • LINE Data Free Plan(12GB):¥2,970
  • SNS Data Free Plan(3GB):¥1,386
  • SNS Data Free Plan(6GB):¥2,178
  • SNS Data Free Plan(12GB):¥3,278
  • SNS Music Data Free Plan(3GB):¥1,606
  • SNS Music Data Free Plan(6GB):¥2,398
  • SNS Music Data Free Plan(12GB):¥3,498
Data + SMS + voice-call rate plan
  • LINE Data Free Plan(500MB):¥1,210
  • LINE Data Free Plan(3GB):¥1,628
  • LINE Data Free Plan(6GB):¥2,420
  • LINE Data Free Plan(12GB):¥3,520
  • SNS Data Free Plan(3GB):¥1,936
  • SNS Data Free Plan(6GB):¥2,728
  • SNS Data Free Plan(12GB):¥3,828
  • SNS Music Data Free Plan(3GB):¥2,156
  • SNS Music Data Free Plan(6GB):¥2,948
  • SNS Music Data Free Plan(12GB):¥4,048
Initial cost
  • Initial work fee : ¥3,300
  • SIM card preparation fee : ¥440
Minimum usage period -
Cancellation Penalty Fee ¥1,000
Optional service
  • Additional purchase: 0.5GB (¥550), 1GB (¥1,100), 3GB (¥3,300) (*The expiration date of the additionally purchased data is until the end of the next month after the purchase.)
  • Answering machine: ¥330 per month (*voice call plan only)
  • Barge call: ¥220 per month (*voice call plan only)
Campaign information If you newly contract and start to use LINE MOBILE with Data Free Plan (500MB) during the campaign period, you get extra data per month for 12 months.*Until March 31st, 2021 in 10:59 (JST)

Visit LINE MOBILE (in Japanese)

NOTEContract period

Although there is no minimum contract period for the data + SMS plan and the data + SMS + voice-call plan, you have to pay 1,000 yen for the cancellation fee.
However, if you started to use it by September 30th, 2019 with data + SMS + voice-call plan, the minimum contract period is set for twelve months. It takes 10,780 yen if you cancel before the contract is over. The month you have started to use is the first month and the contract days count till the last day of the twelfth month.

NOTECancellation procedure

Log in to LINE MOBILE's My Page and select "解約・MNP転出 (Cancellation / MNP Transfer)" in order to start the cancellation procedure. After that, mail your SIM card to LINE MOBILE whose address is described below.

LINE MOBILE SIM Card Return Address
ESR Ichikawa Distribution Center 3F South Building, 678-55, Futamata, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba, 272-0001
Return Window